Aweber form not updating

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Aweber form not updating

This is causing a conflict with the AWeber OAuth process.A workaround is to disable the Google Analytics for Word Press plugin, do the authorization and then enable the plugin again after authorization has been completed.AWeber needs the request to conform to a security standard, such as: the timestamp of the server may not be more than 5 minutes out of sync.When you get the blank page, enable debugging of the API by editing the oauth_file in the /aweber_api directory in the Aweber extension directory.To connect Sendy to Mail Optin, go to the Sendy Connection section, enter the URL of your Sendy installation URL, your API key which you can get from , name and ID of your email lists. Log into your Sendy installation and select the brand your email list is in.

After they open the email, in the "From" line where the sender's address appears, they may see something that looks like the following: This special message will only appear to a minority of subscribers using only a select number email applications, including certain versions of Outlook.

Sendy is a self-hosted email newsletter application that lets you send emails via Amazon Simple Email Service (SES).

It is popular among a lot of small businesses and internet marketer because it’s cheaper compare to cloud providers like Mail Chimp.

Some hosts have routing issues when reaching which is used for communicating with Aweber.

You need to contact your hosting company and have them do a traceroute to establish where the routing issue lies and then fix this for you.

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Look around line 57 for $debug = false; and change it to $debug = true.

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