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in our culture a man is a man who provides but somehow our younger men believe a man is a man who can not only provide but have more kids and baby mothers than the next .a lot of it has to do with American influence although I would say some of our men are cowards who not only knock the girls up but as you have established, flee.unlike our african brothers and sisters we for the most part are not 'bound' if you will by certain traditions and expectations as our 'adoptive' culture is mostly from modern European/American stand points.This culture is all about this "free will, free to do as we want" mentality.

(Though, white imperialists still rule the world.) Growing up with a Black prime minister or owner of an oil company reinforces the notion that hard work can lead to success. I’ve heard so many African-American women call Caribbean women uppity.

It's a sad reality but luckily it does not apply in all cases.

I know some caribbean men who are devoted fathers, lovers and husbands. Most caribbean men respect and crave no nonsense women but the chicken heads according to them are not worthy and sadly the children suffer for it.

were all raised by their mothers I am scared of carri men so many hot Jamaican men ard to tell you the truth it may come as a surprise but IN the caribbean men take care of their children andtheir mother/s.

although we have a culture, we are still pretty much western not just in location but background and historically.

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Carribean men aren't the only ones populating the world.

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