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Dating gay monogamous relationship service

Conley likes the CDC definition of monogamy: “mutual monogamy means that you agree to be sexually active with just one person, and that person has agreed to be sexually active only with you.” Consensually non-monogamous relationships (CNM) are “relationships in which both partners have openly agreed that they and/or their partners will have other sexual or romantic partners.” Polyamory involves “having consensual loving and romantic relationships with more than one partner.” That’s different from swinging or open relationships, in which the relationships may be just sexual and not necessarily loving or romantic.

(Reference is at the end.) Does monogamy provide “a life full of safe and excellent sex”?(This is not an endorsement of hurtful sex, of course.) My other dog is science.If we (royal we) are going to proclaim that one kind of sex is best, then my answer to that is: Show me the data. As Conley points out, scientists seem so sure that monogamy is best that they have not bothered to do all that much research on the matter.My own partner was a woman who was married and wanted to stay that way (I discovered after being lied to for months) and have her woman on the side.This is so common, I started to think that the majority of people lived double lives.

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You can find relevant links here: While finding out that I was not straight, while in a heterosexual marriage, I entered the gay culture just when it was gaining some respectability.