Dating heisey glass

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Dating heisey glass

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Northwood The underlined "N" in a circle is the most frequently seen mark in classic era Carnival.

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Antique crystal stemware, coveted for its age and signature light-reflecting qualities, became a serving option for the elite during the 1800s.

When evaluating crystal glasses, notice the cut and stems, which will help your appraiser identify your stemware and its maker.Westmoreland Grossman Mark In 1981, David Grossman bought Westmoreland.He devised a new mark with the word "WESTMORELAND" in a circle around three vertical bars that apparently represent a stylized "W." Production ended in early 1984. Wright "N" Mark Wright produced several patterns in Carnival glass using the original Northwood mark. Wright Modified "N" Mark After being forbidden from using the Northwood mark, Wright apparently fudged, and simply put a small tail on the left-side vertical bar of the "N," making it a sort of crooked "W." These marks are still found on Wright glass from that era.The lower temperature required for making leaded crystal makes it easier for glassmakers to craft decorative configurations in crystal glasses such as intricate cuts and angles with sparkling refractions.Overall, crystal has a smoother texture and is heavier than glass, but to positively determine if your crystal is authentic, seek input from a professional service.

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If you take your stemware to an antiques dealer or appraisal service, bring along digital or printed images; some appraisers will look at emailed photos or faxes to begin the process.

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