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Shane and Kayden had a strained relationship from the beginning, with Shane trying to exert a strong parental presence and Kayden resisting the authoritative efforts of a man he knew was not his father.The stress of Shane's unemployment and raising two young children on very little money often took its toll on the relationship. One night, after an early birthday celebration for Memphis at a local fast food restaurant, the two began to argue.Memphis sat on the floor of her aunt's home crying for Maggie after having woken up from a nap. "I want her to know that it's not okay for someone to treat you that way, that you don't ever deserve to be treated that way," Maggie said.In the days following the attack, Maggie had time to reflect on what had occurred and decided to make an official statement to the police.

The day following the attack, Maggie had to grapple with what would come next for her and her children.

Upon arriving home, Shane flew into a rage, angry that Maggie had "abandoned him" at the bar and then drove home with his friend, whose house they were staying at for the week.

Maggie told him to get out of the house, that he was too angry and that he would wake the children.

"I'm trying to be a father to them."Shane's relationship with Memphis was far less conflicted than his relationship with her brother, Kayden.

He would constantly lavish attention and affection on Memphis, while his interactions with Kayden were decidedly more ambivalent.

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