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Dating singaporean girls

Today, we explore the various popular dating apps in Singapore.Tinder, as everyone knows, is the most popular dating app in Singapore.Then there's Finicky Feline who didn't propose, but named me as one of the guys she'd date. Alright, I know Ting is from JB and Finicky Feline is from Penang. See, Kenny's definition of a Singaporean is someone who has been living in Singapore for a considerable amount of time.I tell you, reading their entries is enough to make my testicles grow to twice their original size. NOT someone who doesn't understand what their own national anthem means because its in bloody Malay.On the other hand, if you’re not too sure what you’re looking for, Tinder, offers many opportunities to interact and discover what are your dealmakers and dealbreakers.Obviously, Tinder is the dating app for those that prioritise looks, considering how you have barely any other factors for consideration.I tried to dance but end up looking like I was jogging on the spot.

They are so attractive in fact, even the Malaysian girls who've lived there come back looking pretty. To date, I haven't yet met a Singaporean girl I can truthfully say is ugly.

Compared to other dating apps, it’s more luck based as you are unable to control or filter certain jobs, ideals, characteristics – it’s a modern blind date.

If you know exactly what you are looking for in a partner, you’re basically finding a needle in a haystack – not impossible to find what you’re looking for but the chances are low and it takes a lot of time and effort to do so.

blog, and present to you - reasons why myself (and perhaps other Malaysian men) should and should not date Singaporean girls. Singaporean girls have fantastic fashion sense The all deserve a medal for sprucing up Singaporean girls with something nice to wear and giving the guys something nice to look at at the same time. Singaporean girls have a good sense of humour Two girls I know in Perth (Candice and Rekha) are perfect examples of this.

Actually I reckon Singaporeans in general have a good sense of humour.

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Can save money on dinner 'cos she'll just be drinking a glass of water. Singaporean girls are more financially independant Salary in Singapore is better and the exchange rate to Ringgit is pretty good at the moment.

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