Drupal 7 feed aggregator not updating

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Drupal 7 feed aggregator not updating

This UML diagram shows how they are logically related together. 2005-11-28 - Update : this page, as well as other in the Grokking Drupal series of my blog, is now available on

The version on will probably be updated with time, whereas this one probably won't be.

If ever you decide to stop using Feedburner, simply erase these .htaccess lines and the feed will be re-hosted on your site without loss of subscribers.

The only drawback to this setup is the placement of your links.

A clever hacker could probably manage to install Linux on the office coffee maker and get acceptable HTTP throughput.

However, latency still matters a great deal, even for small sites: , and every time the cache is cleared the hit rate crashes to zero.

Furthermore, your may not load in the feed, because of the relative URL setup Drupal uses.

Initially the hit rate jumps back up as the popular pages get cached.

If your site uses the Read More Tweak module, like ours does (which places the “read more” links on your teaser page in a more intuitive position – i.e.

right after the content), you will end up with duplicate read more links.

If you have tasks than need to run more often (such as notifications), consider breaking up your cron runs with Elysia cron or perhaps a drush script.

Still, as the graph shows it can take a long time for the page cache to kick in no matter what the frequency.

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