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Let’s be honest, to those of us not directly involved in it the scene sometimes makes us laugh. To those directly involved, every word and every action is taken so personally there is the worry of a physical response.

It used to be the majority of the elected board members supported the controversial police chief. Now the other side has the majority and the Clayton supporters have consistently made noise since that time, keeping the atmosphere in the town of about 450 residents very volatile.

“It was like a riot,” one person--not a city employee--told me.

Anyway, after the original meeting had adjourned, three members of the board reconvened in what they termed an “emergency meeting” and voted to suspend Clayton, the police chief, with pay.

The complaints had alleged the Wilsons violated conflict of interest statutes and a nepotism clause.

One complaint alleged Theresa Wilson had committed a conflict of interest by voting for herself as chairman.

Something tells me this is not the last we’ll hear on this topic. ****** What we do know is the police chief’s peace officer’s license is in jeopardy, with the Administrative Hearing Commission of the State of Missouri set to wade through a plethora of allegations against him in a hearing scheduled for Feb. ****** Speaking of Ferrelview, the board chair and her husband, who is a fellow trustee on the board, have been cleared of any ethical wrongdoing dealing with recent complaints filed at the state level.

The complaint also alleged Russell Wilson violated a nepotism clause when he voted for his wife as chairman.

Chairman of the board is paid 0 per meeting as opposed to per meeting for other board members.

“When you voted for yourself to be chair, your vote was not specifically designed to provide a special monetary benefit to you.

Some thoughts: Zahnd did a fantastic job of explaining his thought process and reasoning behind his actions in the Darren Paden case.

At question based on the allegations O’Connor put in his complaint is whether Zahnd tried to intimidate witnesses, specifically some of those who had written character reference letters to the judge on behalf of Paden, letters that in effect were written with the intent of gaining leniency for the man who had already confessed guilt to repeated awful acts against a young girl over a period of years.

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On Tuesday night two city employees locked themselves in a room during the aftermath of the session as things were getting out of control in the meeting room.