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Both are complex procedures dealing with essential genital organs of body.It is evident that these surgeries cause drastic changes In body and therefore is advised for healthy individuals only.However, the Dr who had done the surgery decided without even asking me or discussed with me. [more]Clogged toilet to main line clean out Paid: 465.00Came out and pulled toilet ( took a whole 5 minutes)and ran his drain cleaning machine 75ft.My problem is I want to reconstruction to where it can be more deeper than only 5 inches deep. Ever since I was a little boy, I always new that something was wrong. to clear out clog which took about 15 minutes or so. [more]Houston Flood Paid: 450.00never flooded, not in flood plain but just had 34 inches of rain in 5 days, huge flood 5 minutes away, hoping costs don't increase and that new maps won't include us in flood plain0,000 building, 0,000 contents, 50 deductible...

Sometimes people may even fight a mental state where they suffer from crossed gender identification, and opt for this surgery.

I'm sad and worried that I won't get the money I need, especially since my family would much rather watch me drop dead than get a sex change.

Alright, so as of now I am on my way to becoming a 14 year old girl, and that really doesn't suit my fancy.

Seeing a guy and a girl kiss makes me feel sick, much less, seeing them have sex. Yaoi (guy on guy) and gay fluff and giggles makes my heart flutter. Since I was a kid, I've always wondered what it was like to be a guy.

[Continuing]I have just started over the counter hrt and I feel free for the first time! Im older and had the most macho man life a man could have.

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