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WHITEMAN PARK CONCERTS Seriee ^^e in Central Park — Open Air Performances New open Park Naum Huntington, W. Hylarf which Philip Berolzheimer, the qty Chfemberlain, arranged for the waldorf-Aiitaria on June 8, will have/ to le passed up. Journeyed (b a spot some distance oft Jatallna Island here, and, fol- lowing a short funeral sermon, icatter OW Ua V a population of «.103,'384. As Miss Ward has been a recognised star in England for the past few years and is regarded as the p^e- miere "principal boy" In pantomime, It is a rather paradoxical state- ment to suggest she is only at the beginning of a brilliant histrtonlo career. Melville, owner of the Nat Relae carnival and president of the Showmen's Legislative Commit- tee, was arrested here with 11 con- cessionaires, charged with operat- ing gambling devices on the local lot. These will b« r performances in Central from the Naumberff (ES. Because of Whiteman'« accept- ance If further Keith booking, a dinnef date with Mayor and Mrs. Next came Dorothy Ward, as- sisted by a Tiller group of children '■ and a female piano accompanist. 798.298 Massae Kusetto Boston 788.188 Cambridge ..«•*•*«»*•••• 112.444 Fan River ^......... The clean, healthy comedy of this pair seems to go In the roughest houses, as well as the family audience, which patronizes the Coliseum matinees. Mt San Fran tt , t ll Delaware ..^ ,^ Wilmington ...;•«.... — Ann Codee, assisted by Frank Orth, is now established as a favor- , Ite here and re^etved applause di- rectly her number went up. WILTON Ir AS MBA -fiit OTirted 1b «• Aa~ Head Un* Act B« R«pr«*e Bta MAN-KIN THE FROG I td half Pralay A Patnam May A Xllda S Bra**t HUtt Kimball A Oodmuii HOLTOKB, f l a t eay Canrl* Ul U* Hagl M* A Wh**l*r Brown A Whtttakar Moron Pearl A Co Sd half Paal A Maaaa Baghea A Monti Kennedy A Daviea Jack Oo Mla INDIANA, PA. Practar'a Patrleola Mc Lellan A CUtraon (Othara to All) W. Irving Fralcy A Putnam .tackson A Ellis F.rncst Hiatt Southland 2d half Cannon A Lee Gennro A Joyce Ann Gold (One to fill) CHAR'TON, W. Hears* JAB Ix)ster Krank A Darren Van A Schenck (One to All) Cannon A Le* Oenaro A Joyce Aan Gold Bon Walsh Kimball A Goman Sd halt Jaekaon A Bllla Norton A Melnotte M Murray A Co Prank X Silk Bts Beaacalrea JMtn SWUJLM Natl MWl Ned Norworth Co Tonng Wang Co Bddle Roaa Berkea A Terry John Steel La Plenr A Portia (One to All) Harria Ca^ A Morin Mellen A Renn Stallord A Louise P Hlggina J B Bernard Co Peek In 4 JAB Loster (One to All) Sherldaa 8ar* Thomas A Fred'k 8 Dale A Puller S Golfers Jack Mc Gowan Todellng Troubad's "BROADCASTING JOY" Direction LEE STEWART CLIFFORD and MARION Parry Corwey Dolly Kay Jwvenlle Prollca • Sd halt PUIard A Portler Jackaon A Mack L Plergont Co C Mc Crullougb Paahlon Rev N. Falae* Hughea A Monti J Btroaa* Power* Blepbants (Others to All) BCHBTADT, N. Proctor** Wayburns Jass Rev Sd half Paul KIrkland mothers to All) 8. Temple Gates A Plndlay Leohin Thru Bvelyn Weaver 2d halt Stevers Lovejoy B (Other* to All) TOUCDO, O. Palae* Guilly A Jenny Gold A Sunshine Waaser A Palmer Klag Neptune Rev (Two to All) Sd half I Alex Cody A Day Bob Bm^rson A Oa Owen A De Vere *Tramp Tramp T (On* to All) Un LK'S-B'BB, PA. Temple Hammer A Ham'r Buckley Calv't A S L Hearn A Co Kennedy A Martin L Fitsgorald DAE Ford Rev Pitch's Mlnatrala Sd. Strand Brent l Isy CH Emb H A Alton Winehlll A Briscoe Amoro B A Janet Dainty B Narlne MOBILE. Omad (New Orleans split) 1st half Tesek A Eddy Chamberlain A B Ruth Budd A Co Friend A Sparling Blue Bird Revue MONT'KBT, ALA. Hart A Br*en Harry Pierce Norton A Melnotte Sd halt Walter Gilbert Ollmore A (^rro U (Two to All) TONKBB8. Oolom Ma Wheeler S Joe Darcy D Graham Rev Ray Dean A BIsl* (Two to fill) 3d halt Baccardle S Dixie Hamilton Variety Pioneers Lasar A Dale (Two to All) DBS MOINB8, l A. 16, Palace-Or- pheum, Milwaukee I AM OONVINCBD THAT ALF T. Sd halt (4-T) Walter Nllnson Pranceeco A Term'i JUa Varr BAP (Others to All) 3d halt Borde A Roblnaon (Otbera to All) Katth'a Grecnpolnt Sd halt (4-T) Joaea A Ray Healy A Ooaa Day at Races (Others to OU) 1st halt n-10) Weat A Van Sicirn (Others to All) ~ Sd halt (li-l'l) Lleat Thetion Co (Others to All) Katth'a Praapect Sd half (4-1) Ranaetta Duo Booney A Bent Co Jachaoh A Taylor Clark A Crosby (Two to All) 1st halt (l-Id) Dr Rockwell The Merediths Jane A Whalen Tebleaux Petite (Two to nil) 3d halt (11-14) Kelso Bros De I^i Ble Outside Circus Delmars Uons (Two to nil) Keo Takl A Toki Mcl ON, CT. Sd half (4-7) Tbe Tomllna Maude Ryan Hamilton A Kgbert Marcua Carlton R Burr A Blal B* ALAANY, N. Proctor's Paul Kirhland Btevers I^ovejoy (Two to All) 2d half Bvelyn Weaver Wayburns Jasz Rev (Two to fill) AU. Colonial Marty White Society Scandals CI wo to All) Sd half Holes Harvey Donahue A Morgan Homer Llnd Reveu Robinson A Fierce Mullen A Prancis Capman B A Pasb (One to All) Oord«B*a Olympla (Seollay Sq.) Tendahoe A Reed Hare A Hare Nevins A Gordon Morton Harvey Baker A Gray Moss A Prye Swift Gibson Rev Gordon's Olympla (Washington St.) J Cooper's Rev BUFFALO, N. Phea's Nellie Arnaut A Co Mills A Kimball I D'Armaond A Co Zena Keefe A Co Creations Penton A Fields Hughle Clark A Co (One to fill) CARB'DALE, PA. Sd halt O A A Scballer Burt A Dale Wallace Galvin Rnlot Revue '' (On* to All) rtrrtfwna, mass. K«ttb'* Genaro Sis Three Senator* Night Clerk (Two to All) Sd half Johnson A Baker Keller 81s A L Block A Dunlop Douglas Charles Co Ben Smith Big Friscoe Co TKBNTON. r*if B (Wllhe*-B'r* *pllt) A A B Praball Cook A Oatmas Bernidcl Bro* Medley A Dnpre* Jimmy Glldea Co SPB'a P*U, MASS. B O NAB D BIOKB, I Vaps t e tor (Bath) Single, UM up. LIPSHUTZ 908Walmt SL MONDAY; ORDER FINISH SATURDAY Stella Mayhew 2d halt Fitch's Minstrels DBTBOIT, MICH. Victoria Jenn Valjean Morton Jewell Co (Three to nil) GRBRNB'O, PA. Praetar'a Sd halt (4-7) Lieut Thetion Co Mtnn I* Rollln* A A M Havel Lahr A Mercedes Romaa ( (One to All) 1st halt (8-10) Kelso Brj»s De Llsle Outside the Circus Delmars Llona (Two to All) 3d half (11-14) Weat A Van Siclen Hickey Bros (Others to fill) CHICAGO Palae* (Sunday opening) Juatlne Johnstone Ted Lewis Bd Roy Cnmmlngs Bmll Boreo Maurice Diamond Kimlerly A Page I Ibby A Sparow A Hood Stat* i Jih* Itrneymoon Cruise Clemena Belling Jack Hanley Kkreklarto KILWAUKBB Orpheum (Sunday opening) Bllsabeth Brlce Harry Burn* Van Biene A Pord Wright Danrera Freaaler A Klalsa Howard'a Ponlea MINNEAPOLIS Orpbeam 2 AND 2 MAKE 4 BEN ROCKE MAk ES GREAT CLOTHES 1632 Broadway, at 50th St., N. City Anger A Packer Cose I a A Verdi Wm Ebs Doiis Duncan Leon Vavara Carol Kob I Zoe Delpblne UAVEMPOBT, l A. It Is a "soft" audience, with probably 99 out of every 100 acts warmly received. It Is not a first-class house In the matter of prices, but usually plays the best acts and business is generally capacity.

When his health permits, Weldon Is able to display a remarkable sense of travesty and burlesque.

her the applause hit of the show ' up to that time, necessitating a cur- tain speech.

JBTI Vi SK .•••■•••••ee*eee*e*»»ee»«***»*«« •■ J^f ^ */l BARRY (Edba) 18 18 2 1 433 8CHADER (Fred) i ^^ I 2 .. This Is also true of Rhpde Island ^ni Massachusetts. Is close t,o 8.000,000, the exact Sgw^e being 2.»9B,2a». With the assist- ance of the troupe of children and most attractive gowns she put over a pretty song scene, which made .

The whole turn is amateurish in construction and work-out.

118.421 laynn ••.....'.f •.«•.«.•..« 1^,704 New Bedford ....e 186.182 Bomerv Ule ...,.••• 1^.898 Minnesota Dulutb x^.^t, 110.502 Minneapolis 4:^6,436 St. Ohe is billed as "England's greatest lady trumpeter," or, in other words, a cornetist, and another as "the cele- ' brated classical . The trumpeter emits^,staccato tones niot sufficiently unlqhe to regard her, as a soloist, and the danseuse does an . Her figure is lithe and al- luring and compensates for her lack - of terpsichorean artistry.

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