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But if you’re moving to a place where the fit will be just right, this step will probably be less scary.

She’s referring to retirement communities and housing that appeal to people — women in particular — based on their backgrounds, interests or sexual preferences.

These are the experts the Secretary of Education is trusting to school her on campus sexual assault: people who lie to advance a worldview of women as pathological liars, who believe women receive unfair preferential treatment in abuse trials, and who think false accusations are the rape problem.

This is a classic case of false balance, because the two sides here do not have equal merit.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has identified SAVE, which opposes rules that prevent defense attorneys from entering evidence of a survivor’s sexual history in a rape trial, as a planet in the “manosphere” of misogynist online forums.

SAVE lobbies against domestic violence protections, claims that the “leading reason” for abuse is “female initiation of partner violence,” and calls falsely accused perpetrators the “true victims of abuse.” And then there’s FACE, which claims that colleges are expelling innocent students “with increasing frequency” due to made-up accusations.

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The National Coalition for Men, as its name implies, is one of the largest, longest-running, and shameless men’s rights organizations out there.

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