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In a letter urging Independent readers to support the Assisted Dying for the Terminally Ill Bill Jane Macdonald wrote in 2006: "This isn't about doctors or God: it is about patients...Until recently, I had breast cancer with bone secondaries that caused me a great deal of pain, despite partial control with strong pain-killers.(At 29 she became Britain's youngest health visitor).She was an enthusiastic traveller, even when a disabled one, and jokingly threatened to produce a book called Travels With My Catheter.

Mc Donald toured in 2008 beginning in Blackpool on 1 August of that year to showcase new songs from her Number 7 (UK Albums chart) album, Jane.

Preparations for Jane’s extended ‘Making Memories’ tour are well underway and the excitement is beginning to build! Continue Reading It’s been really interesting watching “Sugar Free Farm” for the past few weeks. I would love to be back there on the farm and learn a bit more, especially the recipes.

Mc Donald was born in Wakefield, Yorkshire in April 1963.

She trained at the St Thomas's Hospital, where she became casualty sister.

Then, coming from an Army family – she was the last child born in the barracks at Fort George – she enrolled in the Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps (QAs) at the Cambridge Hospital at Aldershot, qualifying additionally as a Registered Mental Nurse and served as sister tutor (psychiatry) at Woolwich Military Hospital.

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Later she was to work on the Century, where she met Henrik Brixen, who was the ship's plumber.

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