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“If American Jews do not take their lives in their own hands and force themselves to unite above their mutual dislike, the Americans will force them to do so through bloodshed. The Jews must put aside all differences and unite because unity is the Jewish people’s sole salvation, and because when we unite, we are a light unto nations—giving the world what Abraham intended for humanity to have almost four millennia ago, and what the world so badly needs today.” article, “The 2nd Holocaust—How We Can Prevent it,” Dr.

The Creator gives an order to send the impure people outside the camp as preparation for the inauguration of the tabernacle.

We do not correct the body because the body is an animal and acts according to its nature.

We must reinstate the “portion of God from above” (Job 31:2); this is the soul.

This is our nature, as the Creator said, “I have created the evil inclination.” However, the more we study and try to draw closer to each other, and discover how utterly impossible it is, the more we feel our nature as bad, as ill will, evil inclination.

Then we need a means to correct it, and this is the light that reforms.

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