Okcupid dating persona nymph

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You’re a hungry but also very careful person, and this generates a certain amount of within you and in your relationships. You’ve been in enough relationships to know to expose yourself slowly.

(Maybe that’s why I’m always getting lost) And I tag…Gwen lor…

so i choose hong kong cause it’s cheaper to live there than japan 42. besides if i raise it my sis won’t be able to ride him…

but the current height is comfortable at traffic lights thanks…

Most likely, though, you’re a little closed off–therefore mysterious–and, naturally, people find that difficult to get with.

Everyone whom I told this to said “No no no don’t”.

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You have a peaceful mind, viewing the world with calm and serenity. You like to play around and have fun in life, you’re extravert and looking for some satisfaction, but you prefer instant satisfaction above long-term visions. Always looking for something new around you to keep you busy with. In my house watching the TV and thinking “Finally something interesting is happening on the News.” (I was just a kid then) 3.