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Payloadvalidatinginterceptor schemas property

Property promotion provides a centralized mechanism for pulling key pieces of information that you define from within an instance message and making it more easily accessible to Biz Talk Server components that are handling the message as it passes through Biz Talk Server.You can automatically create a default property schema by using the quick promotion feature of Biz Talk Server.This includes property schemas for which promotions have already been established.

For different types of messages, you can determine which items of data require promotion to a more visible level.If you choose to promote fields as property fields, you will need to define a property schema first.This property schema specifies an unstructured collection of fields into which you can promote fields from within an instance message defined by a schema associated with your property schema.In the schema tree, you are only allowed to insert Field Element nodes as immediate child nodes of the Schema node, creating a structure that is two levels deep.For the most part, you set the properties of the Field Element nodes as you would for Field Element nodes appearing in a message schema. Important You should not rename any schema that is being used by another schema.

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