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Pretty young cam sexy

Yep, one could say that Cam Newton is "pretty," the way Huey Newton was pretty.

And one could say that Cam is a trapped pretty boy, the way Huey Newton wound up being a trapped pretty boy, imprisoned by the facts of his life and the myth-making of his hero-worshippers.

And throw thunder in jail." --MUHAMMAD ALI Bronn: What will you do? --GAME OF THRONES, Season 4/Episode 7 SUPERMAN WENT TO THE SUPER BOWL, and he lost, and it was mad ugly.

But this is what happens when certain kinds of boys self-determine, without apology, what kind of men they are going to be.

Does not matter that our hero has transformed himself from a controversial bad boy number one draft pick into an all-everything behemoth of a man on a mission.

Superman ain't 'spose to have fun being somebody's hero-- Hell, Superman is not even supposed to be complex and complicated in any way whatsoever.

Him who has almost magically placed an entire team on his Paul Bunyan shoulders and made that squad, and football, relevant and electrifying in the college basketball-obsessed state of North Carolina. Yes, that bad game happened to be his worst of the entire season, at the worst possible time. Almost like he would become undone by the hype of his MVP campaign and that unsightly Super Bowl loss, leading to this current dismal season, one stilted and awkward press conference after another, a concussion and much punishment to Cam's body, to the point of him pleading directly to National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell for help, and protection-- PUSH PLAY: And with that Cam Newton got up and ended the press conference after less than three minutes.

As his muscular, chiseled frame rose one could see he was still wearing his white football pants soiled with the grass and dirt from the fifteen times he was hit and the six times the Broncos had manhandled and sacked him.

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Cam wore a blue Carolina Panther's hooded sweatshirt, the hood part was atop his head, and his mood and energy were that of a man who was bare-fisting the brick walls of an agonizing depression.

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