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“My work is really dedicated to showing people that anything can be overcome by being honest with yourself and treating your heart sacredly,” Piane said.

Renee is a master at connecting people and the author of Love Mechanics & Secrets into the Minds of Men.

As the President of Rapid™ and Rapid for 10 years, she has successfully hooked up thousands of people for friendships, business connections and Love.

Renee is a widely acclaimed and sought-after inspirational speaker and dating coach/consultant whose life’s work is devoted to educating men and women about how to become fulfilled in their own lives, develop lasting relationships and find true love.

She is now expanding her work into all forms of multi media and television... Renee is ultimate connector and is making a difference in the lives of thousands of people she has connected in all areas, personally and professionally.

“I’m here to inspire hearts to stay open, and dispel the loneliness of the single soul.

“They put love in the future and they think that all of a sudden when this project is done that this doorway to heaven will open up.

It’s very important for busy successful people to really reflect on what they want and look at how they are marketing and branding themselves.” As far as the best ways to meet someone, her advice: Take action by spending 3-6 hours per week doing some new types of group activities close to your home.

“My big message is to get real about your love life and take the time to focus on what’s most important,” she Love Works Publishing offers practical advice for busy singles on how to get themselves ready for the type of relationship they most desire.Piane has spent the past 27 years as a matchmaking consultant.She’s written two books, lectures throughout the country and hosts expert panels, seminars and fun social events.She’s a frequent guest on television and radio shows as a constant reminder to let love into your heart and stay true to yourself.

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Renee is continually expanding her network with her leading edge products, radio show interviews with other world leaders in various fields.

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