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So, traditionally, she not only gains a husband, but she becomes part of his family as well. Even though this man is 37 years old, the family would still be arranging a marriage for their son if he were to give them his consent. The practical concerns of marriage, like respect, adaptability, servicefulness to the family, coming from a respectable family with similar standards, upward mobility and keeping the Sikh traditions and practices are some things the family considers when looking for a partner for their children. You have expressed a deep love for this Sikh man that you wish to marry.

My question to you is; does this love go beyond your emotional attachment?

If the person shares our ideology, our morals, our values, why should we mind? In your friend's situation, the woman is making an immense effort to learn more about our religion and culture, and that should be admired to its fullest.

If we look at today's generation, that woman probably knows more about Sikhism than half of our own youth.

Someone I know is from a actively religious family. His sisters are married to men who are also very religious.

All have their hair long, are active in gurudwara, attend Sikh youth camps as counselors, make public appearances, etc.

I believe this is a personal battle in us all, we have to find it in ourselves to see that we are equal, and equality I believe is what Sikhism's teachings emphasize the most.i feel that love and religion are two separate things.

Some people don't take religion into a factor when they meet someone.

I'm not very religious, and I'm not even sure if I should call myselves a Christian.Everything seems perfect, and we have talked about marriage.It's not until now I've been worried about our different backround. I can see we may have to deal with the fact that he is a sikh and I'm - not only a christian, but a blonde scandinavian with a free spirit...There is a social and religious marriage that must be considered here.Socially it is not acceptable, whereas religious it is. Do we defy our parents who have raised us doing everything they can possibly imagine?

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For me, I believe strictly in the freedom of choice, your own INDIVIDUAL choice.