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Validating a survey instrument

In addition, a link among the objectives of the study and their translation into content is established.

For example, the researcher must indicate what the questionnaire is measuring, that is, knowledge, attitudes, perceptions, opinions, recalling facts, behavior change, etc.

After developing a thorough understanding of the research, the next step is to generate statements/questions for the questionnaire.

In this step, content (from literature/theoretical framework) is transformed into statements/questions.

Data collected from pilot test is analyzed using SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Sciences) or another software. These are "correlation matrix" and "view alpha if item deleted" column.

The pilot test seeks to answer the question, does the questionnaire consistently measure whatever it measures?

The use of reliability types (test-retest, split half, alternate form, internal consistency) depends on the nature of data (nominal, ordinal, interval/ratio).

Systematic development of questionnaires is a must to reduce many measurement errors.

Following these five steps in questionnaire development and testing will enhance data quality and utilization of research.

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Development of a valid and reliable questionnaire is a must to reduce measurement error.

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